this must be the place
2015 / 2020

- 36 pigment prints in 23/34,5 cm, 30/45 cm, 40/60 cm
Ed. 3+1, 2015

- floor installation sculptural chapter (made with cement tiles, mirror tiles, construction material, tar and salt), 2020

- self-published book, Ed. 50+5, 29/40 cm, 2015, printed on Lessebo Smooth Natural, handmade binding, texts by Paola Paleari and Jana Duda

Having lived a nomadic life without a permanent residence for many years, this body of work became a personal research about land, place and sense of belonging, describing my exploration, perception and interpretation of landscape, strongly led by intuition, memory and my emotional state. The result can be described as a slow, meditative walk itself, demonstrating my personal connection and awareness to a non-specific place. 

installation view ‘this must be the place, group show 'Nachbilder', 2016, © Michael Michlmayr, Fotogalerie Wien