office figures

The series ‚office figures‘ came into life as soon as I had moved into my new studio in 2018. The building probably from the 60ies lies in an industrial area of Hamburg and used to be a custom office. By the end of 2020 it will be torn down to build a new living and shopping area.

The room itself is small, squared and has a platform at the two windows where I imagine the clerk sat at their desk. The floor is a yellowish-brown linoleum and apart from that the room was empty when I moved in. In this dusty and frumpy atmosphere I noticed little traces in the room, leftovers, stories from who had might worked there. Scratches along the wall, probably from an office chair scrubbing. Holes from nails, at some place still screws in the wall. Crumbling plaster at the ceiling.

Using these traces as given components to add new ones was the starting point of the series. All materials used for the interventions in the room I find and collect on my walks in urban or natural spaces.

installation views
Dzialdov,  Berlin 2019
Raum linksrechts, Hamburg 2019

inkjet prints à Din A 4, Ed. 3+2