Impermanent Sculptures (of Indestructible Objects)
since 2016
photography, installation

'Impermanent Sculptures (of Indestructible Objects)' belongs to a strongly process based body of work developed within various media like sculpture, photography, writing, performance and installation, dealing with the topics of plastic and pollution, consumerism and value.
Since the act of walking has always been a working method of mine and one stumbles over trash constantly, I created a frame of rules for me to follow.
1. Collect garbage and found objects.
2. React as immediately and spontaneously as possible on site.
3. Create a sculpture within a limited time frame.
4. Take a photograph, showing a short moment of balance and fragility.

The title refers both to the ephemeral aspect of the sculptures and to the time the garbage takes to decompose.

installation views

installation view ‚We can stay here while we wait, Voices on the Anthropocene‘ with Clément Verger, Sissel Thastum, Michele Palazzi, Olafur Eliasson and Adam Jeppesen, curated by Maya Byskov & The Independent Air, Aarhus (DK), 2017
If you like to receive your own set of 8 prints from the series ‘Impermanent Scultures (of Indestructible Objects)’ feel free to contact me. 

installation view ‚About time and other uncertainties‘,
duo show with Miriam Hamann, Dzialdov, Berlin (DE), 2019

installation view ‚The Plastic Laboratory‘, XPO Gallery in Enschede (NL), 2017


‘We can stay here while we wait, Voices on the Anthropocene‘, The Independent AIR, edition of 200, 2017 (DK). With work by Clément Verger, Sissel Thastum, Michele Palazzi and Bärbel Praun. With text contributions for the chapter ‘The Plasticsphere’ by Maya Byskov, Julie Sten-Knudsen, Meredith Miller, Dakin Hart, Charles Moore and Timothy Morton