gruss und kuss, die berge sind schön

Within the work ‘gruss und kuss, die berge sind schön’ (‘hugs and kisses, the mountains are beautiful’) the mountainside presents itself as a product for vacation and sports, as model-like scenery of perception and background for the everlasting longing for unaffected nature. That’s what modern tourism is about: One wants to spend their vacations in adventurous surroundings, experience beauty and wilderness on the one hand and go up the mountain via cable car and order their portion of fries while enjoying the view safely on the other hand. It’s the gap between the images in our head and reality that interests me and besides all criticism and irony I find lots of beauty and humor in it too.

Ed. 7+1
C-Prints à 99x124 cm, framed

book maquette, 24x30 cm
30 photographs, text written by Anna Zika

spreads from ‘Gibt es die Welt auch ohne mich. Abschlussarbeiten der Fachhochschule Bielefeld 2003 – 2008’,
Kehrer Verlag, 2008

book maquette, 24x30 cm
30 photographs, introduction by Anna Zika