an investigation about Carrara marble quarries in the Apuan Alps in northern Italy
Collaborative project by Flaminia Celata and Bärbel Praun
Since 2020

Video, photography, performance and sound
Funded by Stiftung Kulturwerk Bild-Kunst

The Carrara marble is one of the most popular and valuable types of marble in the world due to its whiteness, the absence of grains and impurities and its fine-grained structure. In the quarries - around 650, two thirds of which have been shut down or hollowed out - 5 million tons of marble are now mined annually for the world market in construction and calcium carbonate industries. With a turnover of 8 billion euros per year, the marble industry is a massively powerful one: work in the quarries that violate the law is the order of the day, local politics has come to terms - or gets involved. It’s an illegal quiet network selling itself as a business of integrity.