Impermanent Sculptures II
ongoing since 2018

Temporary sculptures and installations in gallery space, using exclusively material found in the streets or in nature during my walks. 

in situ sculptures made with material collected in the streets of Copenhagen, duo show with Miriam Hamann for EC1 24 H, curated by Julie Jane Nissen, 2018

‘Objects in mirror are closer than they appear’ (2019)
toned mirrors à 15x15 cm, at Raum linksrechts in Hamburg 

floor installation with found objects (concrete, brick, silicone, plastic, tarr), collected in the streets of Neukölln in Berlin at duo show 'About time and other uncertainties', Dzialdov, Berlin, 2019
installation with found metal sticks (detail) from 'Gestaltenwechsel. fluid figures.', duo show with Jenny Forster at Neue Galerie Landshut, 2019.
installation made with found material at Fotopub Festival, Slovenia
group show 'Log Pose', curated by Paola Paleari, 2017